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I have read and re-read both 'The Lord of the Rings' and the 'Harry Potter' series many times over.  And I began thinking there were a lot of comparisons in both classics.

I will begin with Frodo and Harry.  They were both orphans.  Frodo was raised by his Uncle Bilbo and Harry was raised by his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon.  Frodo was despised by the Sack-Ville Bagginses, and Harry was despised by the Dursleys.
Both Frodo and Harry were hunted by a Dark Lord.  Frodo was hunted by Sauron, and Harry was hunted by Lord Voldemort.   Both were called the Dark Lord.
Frodo had The Ring which connected him to the evil of the Dark Lord.  The Ring drew the Ring Wraiths  better know as the Nazguls who followed the whereabouts of The Ring.  Harry on the other hand had a scar left by Lord Voldemort which was a direct connection to the Dark Lord, as we all know it was a part of the Dark Lord's soul that resided in side of Harry.  It was an evil connection that Harry felt when the Dark Lord was feeling most evil or was committing an evil act.
There was Gandalf in 'The Lord of the Rings' and there was Dumbledore in 'Harry Potter'.  Both were very great wizards.  Gandalf protected Frodo and knew of Frodo's whereabouts due to the fact that Gandalf wore one of the elf rings Naria, which made a direct connection to The One Ring of power.  Dumbledore suspected that there was more to Harry's scar then met the eye, and he knew he had to protect Harry to help him survive the onslaught of the Dark Lord.'
Frodo had his companions from the shire to be with him on his journey and to sustain him in times of need.  But especially Samwise was his faithful companion to the end.  In Harry's case, he had Ron and Hermoine to help him figure out how to get rid of parts of Voldemort's soul which were hidden in horcruxes in various valuable treasures from the Dark Lord's wizard family, or from past Hogwart's founders.
Frodo had things to protect him from the Dark Lord or other hideous creatures who fought to kill him.  Frodo had the mithril coat that Bilbo had given him, he also has Sting, the sword to protect him, and he had Lady Galadriel's phial, a crystal light that kept evil and darkness away when Frodo was in dangerous places.
The sword of Goderic Griffindor came to Harry in the Chamber of Secrets to protect him along with Fawkes the Phoenix.  Harry's own wand protected him too, at times as it shared the same core as the Dark Lord's so Harry was not as easy to kill as Voldemort found out.  Harry, in the end, had the Deathly Hallows to protect him...the Resurrection Stone, The Elder Wand, and the Cloak of Invisibility.
Frodo could make himself invisible by wearing The One Ring but with much risk to his own safety as it would bring the Nazgul to him.  But it did hide him from Boromir when he sought to take the ring from Frodo.  Whereas, Harry had his invisibility cloak to protect him from danger at times.
The dementors could suck the soul out of a person, and a few times Harry was attacked by them, but escaped by his own daring.  Where as the Nazgul were drawn to Frodo and they too could have taken Frodo to an other worldly realm where Frodo could not have escaped the Dark Lord.
There were the eagles who came at Gandalf's call to help in time of need.  The thestrals in Harry Potter also helped the Order of the Phoenix help take Harry to safety.
Then there was Gollum, he was evil yet good, lured by the One Ring which he could not escape the agony of it's pull on him. Gollum 'came' with the ring of power.  Frodo had no choice but to grudgingly 'befriend' him. There was Dobby who helped Harry and Kreacher who despised Harry but was bound to him out of the death of Sirius Black...Harry 'inherited' Kreacher and as Frodo, Harry grudgingly 'befriended' him.  
Then there was Saurman, the great wizard who turned bad, but was enticed by the plantir which was a direct link to the Dark Lord and Sauman's mind was corrupted by deceit.  If not for that, he would have survived the Dark Lord's power over him.  Then you have Snape, who was by all means the most difficult character to figure out as he seemed to despise Harry with a hate/love relationship only because he had loved Lilly Evans who was Harry's mother.
That is not all of the comparisons I found, but that will do for a while.  Both book series are some of the greatest classics written of all time.  Founded on faith and trust, and the ultimate evil being finally overcome of good, with much risk of defeat or failure, but the stout hearts of Frodo and Harry won out in the end.

Thank you for reading my own synopsis of my favorite books.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

AMEN! AND what is so wonderful about storytelling and our part in it is that I believe that there are classical themes that NEVER EVER GROW OLD...they are there for us to LEARN through diverse interpretations and the opportunity for us to create a NEW WAY to learn the old lesson: GOOD WINS OVER EVIL through faith, hope and LOVE.


Kristin said...

I just wanted to say GOOD FOR YOU about the writing, and to wish you good luck! (And that picture on my banner is Tasha Tudor. I adore her paintings).

As for LOTR, can you say superb?! Best thing since... sliced bread? :p I haven't read Harry Potter yet, but have seen most of the movies.

I love the movie they did recently on tv, about the author's life. It was so fantastic.


Cheryl said...

These are certainly two of my favorites as well. I have read some of the Harry Potter Series, seen all the movies...
You are right! What a wonderful way for our generation, to learn that good wins over evil every time! And although one must be willing to make personal sacrifices, it is certainly worth it to reap the rewards!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My precious friend,

I was out all day yesterday and did not have the chance to come to respond to your WONDERFUL COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so blessed to know you and to also KNOW that you are taking on the WONDERFUL and daring challenge to FINISH YOUR NOVEL!!!!!!!!! And to think that whatever I have said has helped to sprinkle some encouragement! BLESS YOU BLESS YOU DEAR HEART! And do you know, that I am feeling younger every day? Funny how that is, and here is why:

God ignites the fire of His LIFE into us to illuminate the gift WITHIN us. He is the creator, we are created in His image, therefore, all of our gifts of the arts, science and reasoning, story telling, ALL OF IT comes from HIM. So to delve into all that is around us and to create from our discoveries is to PLEASE HIM! GO FOR IT! DO IT! Do what your hearts is saying, for He resides there.

Only days to go until the festivities begin. May whatever you are doing be even more special because of the knowledge that LOVE LIVES FOREVER!!!!!!!! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Teresa,

What a sweet account you shared today as you went back in time with that TURQUOISE BIKE and your fourth grade crush!!!!!!! Yes, my mom and dad didn't have a lot of money and I REMEMBER being over a cousin's house for Christmas. We were the same age and AT THAT AGE where a shiny new red bike was the rage. Well, at midnight as we all opened our presents, her mother revealed a RED BIKE from the kitchen to the living room where we all were. I just remember RUNNING TO IT, HOLDING IT, and the adults had to tear my grasp off that bike. I just remember my mother gently telling me, "It's not for you dear, it's for your cousin."

But time wore on, and blessings have come. Thank God for His messages to us in every day life that put all the puzzle pieces together. THANK YOU DEAR FRIEND for your kindness that has been extended to me for the last several months. BLESSINGS TO YOU AS WE RING IN THE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh, I remember eating pancakes many times for dinner! But you know what? We were happy.

Praise HIS HOLY NAME....Anita

Crimson Heart Studios said...

Hi Teresa, Thanks for posting about my giveaway. We live on the Central Coast, where are you? I love all your dolls. Have a Blessed Day. Cindy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

PRECIOUS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for coming by my friend! I see you emailed me; I will come in just a few to respond. HOW ARE YOU????? HOW WERE THE CELEBRATIONS??? I go back to school on Tuesday, but today, I am consacrating today to making YOUR BOOK and some other orders as well...I will keep you updated! HAVE A GREAT DAY!! Anita

Cindy F. Adkins said...

Would you believe I've never read either series?? I know...I know. I used to read all the time, and now it seems I can never find the time. I should make that my new year's resolution - read more books!! Anyway, yes - this is the "other Cindy Adkins!" So happy you found me and became a follower! Thanks so much for posting my blog button! I'm following you now, too. Happy New Year!!
Hugs, Cindy

Cindy F. Adkins said...

I added your blog button to my sidebar, too! So interesting about your brother! I'll look at his blog. We have lots in common! I look forward to getting to know you better. Where in CA do you live?
Hugs, Cindy

bois-fleurie said...

I am delighted by your blog and loved reading your synopsis of the two wonderful books.I too have read them many times but it was good to read your comparisons. I have also enjoyed seeingso many different dolls.

Cheryl said...

Hi Teresa!
Thank you so much for sharing your brothers blog... such a treat this morning over coffee, to read some of his writings and peeking at his illustrations!! Nice way to start the day!! You must be a very proud sister!!!
I read your comment last night on my blog and "poof" it disappeared! I have no idea what happened! I tried to fix it this morning, but atlas... it is gone forever!! Thank you for letting me know about the swap. I certainly understand and appreciate your consideration and would be happy to have you in the future!!
Wishing you again a very Happy New Year!!