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The kitchen at Laurelwood.  Getting ready to serve the rehearsal dinner
My oldest son and his lovely bride finally tied the knot in marital bliss.  Here are many photos of both the rehearsal dinner which was held at our beautiful Laurelwood Estate (where we do NOT live; upstairs is STILL being remodeled) AND their lovely country wedding at one of our pastors spacious properties.  ENJOY!

For those who don't know about Laurelwood, it is a Victorian home we purchased a year ago.

Laurelwood sits on a half acre with many oak trees.

It's one of those homes that everyone in the city dreams of owning.

The front of the house.  It is a two-story home and the interior is 3,400 square feet.

The main dining room.  

Before the guests arrive.  Setting up the buffet area.  My daughter and my grandson.

Upstairs seating for the rehearsal dinner.

Candle light ambiance with fireplace and stain glass domed skylight.

Let the eating commence!  Near the spiral staircase and fire pole.  Beautiful pillars grace the house.

Another view of the guests serving themselves buffet style.  A better view of the fire pole, and tin tiled ceilings.
Close up of the fireplace in the popcorn gallery downstairs.
There is an amazing amount of leaded glass in the house.  This one is actually of a skylight in over the kitchen.

This leaded glass window represents what is on either side of the kitchen door.

This is the ornate kitchen leaded glass and wood kitchen door.
The Widow's Walk on the roof.  The next photo shows the stained glass sky light that is inside the house which is twelve feet below the Widow's Walk.

This stained glass skylight hangs twelve feet below the Widow's Walk on the roof.

Frosted glass and etched windows in the master bathroom.

This is the stained glass window above the spiral staircase upstairs.  Notice the architectural frame that holds the stained glass.  All of the wood frames were cut by hand to enclose the stained glass window.

This stained glass in on the first floor near the fireplace pop corn gallery.  The design resembles a sturgeon fish.

I finally located a more complete photo of the Master bathroom in all its glory.

This is an original photo from the original owner a step-up foray which leads from the formal living room into the non-formal living room.

More of the outside back patio grounds.
Back patio swing near the back kitchen door.

A side gate entrance to the back yard.

The gazebo from a side view.
Just a random shot of the kitchen with me in the black and purple and a close friend of the family.

Master bedroom at Laurelwood.

Handpainted tile in Master bathroom.

Alcove in kitchen. Amazing pillars, tin ceilings and wood embellishments.

Facing the back door where there are 23,000 pieces of brick that enhances the entire back yard.

Wet bar at Laurelwood.

Carousel horse with view of sunken fireplace pop corn gallery.

View of informal living room with vintage furniture.

Partial view of formal living room with staircase, French drapes, vintage phonograph, sculptured ceilings, wall  electric candle scones.

Another amazing stained glass in the formal dining area.  My oldest brother called it 'I Am the Walrus'.

The leaded glass backdoor leading into the brick patio which happens to have tons of oak tree leaves in this photo!

View looking from the formal living room toward the back door, showing the bar stools on the left where the wet bar is, and the spiral staircase in the background.  With the ornate ceiling fixture showing lots of tin ceiling tiles.  And a frosted double door on the right side of the photo which leads to the Master bathroom and bedroom.

Kitchen dining booth area.  Many of the interior furnishings came from England from the previous owner who wanted to create a Victorian home from his own eccentric visions.  The home was in the makings for 23 years.   The original owner Donal Douglas passed away in 2006.

The other side of the formal living room.

Leading to the linen pantry and laundry room.

Partial view of the Master bathroom.

Picture in the informal living room.

Looking down into the pop corn gallery.

Ornate wooden mirror in Master bathroom.

Upstairs bathroom with vintage pull chains toilet.

This is an upstairs view of where many people ate.  You can see the fire pole in the background with the spiral staircase. Everyone enjoyed the delicious meal of tri-tip, chicken breast, or teriakyi chicken thighs along with rice pilaf, barbequed baked beans, garlic toast,  green garden salad, a melon ball variety salad, lemonade, tea or water.  We had root beer floats or orange floats for dessert.

The lovely bride and groom....Troy and Brittani
                                  Now...on to the wedding in the country!

Our other two sons, Ty on the left ( who was blessed with Downs) and our twenty-one year old son Todd, on the right with his girlfriend Megan in the middle.

Under the tented dance floor with tables for dinner.  There were around 250 guests and it had quit raining that morning.  The wedding was perfect at 3:30 P.M.

Me, Myself, and I...the mother of the groom.  Talking to the son of one of our pastors.

Cinderella dances at her ball!!! The bride and groom line dancing...and two girl cousins.
                                       That's all for now Folks! More later!!!

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