Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This sign indicates the city is a tourist city.
A while back I mentioned one of my close doll making friends, Denise Cangelosi had passed away in August 2011.  I was trying to find the photos of the village she lived in and finally found them. This is in honor of Denise and her love of handmade things and the simple life.
This is the village square where they have a farmers' market every Friday, and a festival once a year; there is a beauty parlour, two banks, a post office, two bakers, an English thrift shop, a superette, a tiny library, a couple of estate agents, and the lake has campside facilities.
Here is a lovely flower filled planter in the village square.
Usually the wood on buildings are painted aqua but this one is painted red and white.
Here is a cafe/bar where you can sit and gossip to your heart's content and sip your coffee in the wonderful French village.
A pastry shop has many delectible items to choose from.
Here is a street on one side of the village square which leads to a bourgeois house, which is almost a castle.
The roof on this house has an area that dips which looks like a 'cat slide'.
This is another view of the 'castle'
This is the door to the castle.
This is the lake in the village of Jugon where Denise lived.
A view of the stream that flows through the village.
A door of a house that faces the stream.
A lovely hotel to sit and drink something cool and eat a nice lunch.
The steps where Napoleon the III spoke to his people, being the nephew of Napoleon the I; and Charles de Gaulle also addressed his people some two hundred years later.
Here is the plaque memorializing Napoleon the III and Charles de Gaulle.
An interesting view of the steam that flows behind the houses where laundresses used to wash clothes.
And the sign that points to the village square and the other side that points to the next village...I hope you have enjoyed your armchair tour of Denise's sweet village.


Aunt Kristin_Texas said...

I LOVE that little stream and hotel. (I could so easily imagine sipping a cappuccino outside that hotel). It's all so charming and homey. Very welcoming. Buildings like that are so rare in the states. I love these pictures.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Just a magical place is France...I hope that the architecture is NEVER destroyed because it is a place that welcomes me with open arms with its intriguing beauty...oh dearest friend, I am so sorry that this talented woman passed...and your FRIEND. I appreciate you precious one, OH may we all appreciate the people in our lives both near and far.....blessings to you dear FRIEND! Anita

Aunt Kristin_Texas said...

I know what you mean about Boston. I’ve never been interested in traveling up there until I saw the older buildings. (Salem, too). I’m a sucker for historic homes. I’ve always wanted to live in one… LIKE YOURS! I am so in love with that house of yours.

Your experience with your Spanish teacher sounds like something my mother went through in high school. When she finally confronted him, in front of the entire class, he stopped. I think the pervert was actually embarrassed. Lol!

Never heard of platinum glitter either, although I do have one of the large packs of Martha Stewart glitter. It is GREAT stuff because it’s so fine and soft. It comes in pretty colors, too.

And steampunk… some of that jewelry I LOVE! My mother is really starting to fall in love with it. She’s making a steampunk necklace for my SIL actually. Have you ever seen those steam punk computers? I posted pics of them on my blog a long time ago. I want one so badly!!!! I’ll find the pics again sometime and re-post them.


Palomasea said...

Dear Teresa,
I am sorry about your dear friend. This is a lovely tribute to her beautiful city..how I love Bretagne.

I'm glad to see that wonderful quote on your sidebar! All the best wishes to you on your book..GO FOR IT!! :)

- Irina

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dear Teresa...what a lovely tribute to you dear Friend Denise...I have thoroughly enjoyed the armchair tour of her village!
Thank you for popping over....have fun with that cheesecake...Bon Appetit, Dzintra xo

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest one,

Oh, thank you for again coming to visit me with your kind friendship. I am so behind my blogging for I had parent conferences on Thursday night that went late and caused my Friday to be out of kilter; but I thank you for your kindness and I extend my warmest wishes to YOU for a wonderful THANKSGIVING! I have more parent conferences on Monday that will last AGAIN until late evening (I have 50 students) and then on Tuesday, we must attend a teacher meeting. But Wednesday through Friday, WE ARE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are you spending your weekend? Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good evening dear dear Teresa! Oh, I am finally done with those parent conferences and MEETINGS! I am however, sick again. I cannot get rid of this cold!!! I will be spending Thanksgiving coughing a bit, but every BIT THANKFUL for all the blessings in my life! YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!!!!THANK YOU for your friendship my dear!!!! I am off to bed, I am so exhausted! BLESSINGS, Anita

Palomasea said...

Dear Teresa,

Just popping in to wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!
I am so thankful for dear blog friends (there are dear Anita and Dzintra and you!)...
Very blessed by the love and kindness.

Love and light,
- Irina

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Teresa.....so sorry for the loss of your friend.....and a thank you goes out to you for taking us on a tour around her lovely little village.



Cindy F. Adkins said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend. Thank you for sharing photos of her village with us. What a fascinating and beautiful place she lived! I've never been abroad...would love to visit England and France.
Hugs, Cindy

Unusual Girl Studios said...

What beautiful photos, Theresa! It is a gift to be able to enjoy the world around you and Denise certainly lived in a beautiful place on this earth.